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05 March

The most important cutting tool manufacturer in Spain has revolutionized solid carbide market with a new and complete program which includes the most usual operations such as drilling, milling...

Inside its new launched 2015 Industrial Catalogue, headed for their most technical customers, and as a result of hard R+D+i work during 2014, IZAR renovates and extends its program, turning solid carbidethe axis on which its strategy of manufacturing turns, as evidenced by the fact that this material opens each chapter of the catalogue.

We mean seven new references in milling, plus an important range extension in existing references, moreover a complete range for drilling, reaming, saws, rotary burrs… and, of course, a complete chapter dedicated to inserts oriented to different operations.

In a more technical level, we can emphasize the use of new carbide qualities depending on whether the resulting tools are led to a general use or aluminium work (micro grain) or, instead, you choose high-performance intensive use or in high materials (ultra-fine grain).

We must also emphasize that IZAR has updated used coatings in order to get a longest life in their tools, choosing in each type of operation a new optimized coating. For example, for end mills a last generation Alcro-Pro has been chosen; in the case of rotary burrs it becomes Altin, and in the case of some 1Z end mill for high performance in aluminium,polycrystalline diamond has been the selected one.

Inside the innovative products that IZAR has brought out to the market, we can emphasize new 2/4 Z radius end mills whose main feature is that they have a radius between 0.10 and 1.00 mm in frontal edges, specially designed for high hardness mould machining. Also, three new references for work in aluminium at high cutting speeds have been added, not forgetting a 35-38º unequal helix end mill able to finish works in the most demanding applications (up to 70 HRC).

Finally, all this comes accompanied by a substantialdownward price adjustmentin existing references, both for general or especial use, which makes IZAR, for own right, a first level competitor in Europe in this type of high level tools. 

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