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17 June

Next June 28th, IZAR will culminate the celebrations of the 50th anniversary of the beginning of its internationalization process, which began with the visit of its first international customer in 1969. 

This customer is still active today, and the company is currently present in 90 markets all around the world.

IZAR will receive a hundred worldwide customers from Argentina, China, Egypt, Colombia, India, Japan, South Africa, Russia, New Zealand... Also, many European customers, with a wide representation of the French, as they represent a strategic market for the company.

Many authorities will also attend the venue representing local, regional and Basque governments, which shows how deep-rooted and committed the company is with its social environment.

IZAR will present the export trajectory during this half century as well as the key products and services that have made this development possible, in the complex cutting tools market.

The event will highlight the idea of globalization, understood as a long value chain, in which the work of many people around the world is necessary to achieve a competitive and quality product that adds value to the final user. The venue will be covered in live with a visual thinking artist as well as special audiovisual material.

The guests will have the opportunity to visit IZAR production facilities and learn about the lean manufacturing project. They will also visit three special showrooms about packaging, testing-center and hard metal, where technicians will explain the product development carried out by the organization in the recent years.

One of the stars of the ceremony will be Benoit Girondel, a French professional runner, who will hold a morning coaching session for the attendees and will continue in the afternoon, in a mountain walk together with customers, workers and their families and athlets of the nearby sport clubs. Some others will relax in a boat trip along the Estuary of Bilbao finishing with a visit to the Biscay Bridge, World Heritage and a symbol of the industrial development in Biscay.

The manufacturer will pay tribute to the two main persons who started this adventure in 1969. Jose María González, IZAR export manager at that time, and Hervé Gendebien, grandson and currently director of the first IZAR export customer.

A charity auction for Unicef , with whom IZAR continuously collaborates, will also be held. Visitors will therefore experience being part of IZAR, a socially responsible company.

The act will culminate with an international meal, with dishes from the five continents, in order to reinforce the idea of an integrated IZAR in a global world, in which there will still be some room for more surprises.

In a world in which the Internet and digitalization blur borders , but also human relationships, IZAR has opted, with this celebration, to strengthen ties with the people who, in one way or another, are part of this project throughout the world.

Finally, the next day, June 29th, the company will hold an open day aimed at the workers of IZAR and their families, so that they can visit IZAR facilities , experience the training programs, and enjoy a day of fraternization, with popular lunch, children's games, disco-party...

IZAR has launched a campaign under the hashtag #IZAR50yearsinternational. The firm invites all its customers, users and friends to follow it (on Facebook and Linkedin: IZAR Cutting Tools / on Twitter and Instagram: @izartool) and share their experiences and opinions on such special days for IZAR.



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