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25 July

50 years ago, when the humans conquered the Moon, IZAR took a big step forward into the international market.

Since then, IZAR has developed and grown till become a leading company in the cutting tools market in Spain and a point of reference to the rest of the world.

Nowadays, while celebrating its half century of export sales, IZAR renews its packaging of the most hardware range of products that currently are exhibited in more than 2000 displays established among the hardware stores and retailers from our area.

The improvements of this change are:

-          New sticker more clear and attractive with picture of the drill in colour, reinforcing the approach to material application in order to make easier for the user to identify the material he wants to work.

-          Colour codes established for each application: grey for metal, green for wood and orange for construction.

-          New transparent packaging, the user sees the tool right away and notices its quality.

-          Compatibility of the new design with displays that currently our customers have in their shops.

-          Reusable packaging that allows keeping and protecting the tool after using it. Both ecological and practical system.

With this change, IZAR offers the best tools in the best packaging.

All those customers who want more information can contact IZAR through its sales network or commercial department on the phone +34 946 300 245 or mail: export@izartool.com

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