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18 September

This September, IZAR is launching its new Industrial and Professional 2020 catalogues across the world.

This launch, which was scheduled for March, was postponed as result of the pandemic that is still causing such devastating health and economic consequences. In these difficult times, despite having already presented them at their sales convention in February, the company decided to postpone its distribution of catalogues in order to focus on customer service, delaying the change in price until a more favourable situation presents itself.

IZAR has gone to great lengths to design a more complete industrial catalogue which is, at the same time, more practical when it comes to selecting the ideal cutting tool for machining operations. That is why, in this edition, their products’ focus on materials remains a priority, with a significant improvement that has occurred as result of the actions of the major European manufacturers: the identification of materials using ISO codes.
In terms of products, this new industrial 2020 catalogue reflects the specialisation of the manufacturer in SOLID CARBIDE, an area where their appeal has grown exponentially, highlighting micro drill bits and micro end mills, extra-long internally cooled drill bits and a specific range of applications for use in the aeronautic industry
On the other hand, in the drill bit section, we have the launch of its brand new cobalt drill bit 1029, called Bordeaux. This drill bit stands head and shoulders above the rest because of its high drilling performance, thanks among other things to its innovative coating. It’s ideal for all types of STAINLESS STEEL.
In the threading section, the brand new 3173 flat tip tap for hard materials, made of PMX and with a TICN coating that makes it unique in the market, stands out.

IZAR continues with its strategy of renewing product packaging with the aim of improving its presence at the point of sale, and this is reflected in its professional catalogue. The individual EV-PACK packaging has already been redesigned in 2019, which has been well received by hardware and supply stores in the sector, and now the new OLATU drill bit sets are being released with their own exclusive design, which ensures that the quality of the packaging is in keeping with the quality of the product contained.
In terms of construction tools, we’re highlighting the launch of the BLACKGRANITE drill bit for granite, natural stone, silestone... the best option currently on the market for drilling such complicated materials. They also continue to invest in the range of tools for PORCELAIN, now offering a practical display with the different options of tools with the highest rotation within this range.

All this and more within reach of your distributors and partners through your mail export@izartool.com or by calling (+34) 94 630 02 45 / 46.

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