1876 MULTIMAT: One Drill Bit for ALL Materials

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12 February

IZAR presents the definitive multipurpose drill bit, thanks to a revolutionary geometry that allows fast and precise drilling on all types of surfaces.

The Spanish reference in cutting tool manufacturing launches an innovative product on the market, suitable for working on Fire Brick, Ceramics or Soft Porcelain, Metal, Hard Wood, Plastics, even Concrete with percussion.

This drill bit has a carbide tip with exclusive IZAR sharpening, and wide flutes that allow better dust or chip relief. It also allows dry running, although the results are optimized with refrigeration. Lastly, its IZAR BLUE surface treatment prevents dust or chips from adhering to the tool, which results in a higher quality of drilling.

IZAR has published a video on its YouTube profile in which you can find more information about this revolutionary tool: Video 1876 EN


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