Social Responsibility




IZAR is a socially responsible company, and acts voluntarily to integrate social and environmental concerns in its commercial operations and relationships with its partners. We work in 7 functional areas ranging from the environment and the prevention of accidents at work through to a committed relationship with our customers, society and the people who form a part of our organization, as well as in economic and legal areas.

Our responsible intervention in these areas, is aimed at improving our economic impact, social cohesion and respect the environment, as we want to be considered a company of reference in the CSR area. Since our start we have tried to promote sustainable growth within the company, finding a balance between human and business development, which is our real reason to exist.

Thanks to this intervention, the Bizkaia Forum for Corporate Social Responsibility awarded IZAR a Commitment Diploma in April 2006, which shows it to be one of the leading Basque industries in this area. In 2016, Lantegi Batuak, a non-profit organisation that generates job opportunities for people with disabilities, recognized IZAR through its Lanerako Programme with a Diploma, for its contribution to the labour intregration of people with intellectual disabilitiy in the general labour market.



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IZAR, thanks to its Corporate Social Responsibility policy, has contributed and keeps contributing to some projects and Non Governmental Organizations, such as, the Association of Physically and Mentally handicapped People of Amorebieta, Doctors without Borders, Doctors of the World, Unicef or UNHCR.